Trump's Entry-Level Presidency

Donald Trump’s presidency has been more than a learning curve. It has been a strenuous steeper curve than others, and he didn't bring very knowledgeable chaps with him. Trump’s ascend to the presidency is a far-fetched story. The flashy billionaire cuts a different image than any president before him. He's the first with no political, government, or military experience. Frustrated Americans needed an establishment that resonated with their ideal candidate. Trump fit that shoe perfectly.

Trump has so far faced numerous setbacks, from hanging immigration executive orders in the courts, a complicated health care overhaul, to his approach to foreign nation policies on Russia, Syria, and China; All indications of an on-the-job learning for President Trump. His inexperience is showing, particularly in his communication with Congress. He has been an absolute failure in that he's got nothing passed. All Trump does is issue failing executive orders, and that’s a clear sign of lack of wisdom on his part to lead a country where the whole world watches in utter disbelief.

The White House, however, argues that Trump has accomplished significant things such as naming a Supreme Court justice, and his assertion on the international front like subduing Syria’s leader Bashar Assad for the use of chemical weapons on his fellow countrymen. The first 100 days for President Trump were anything but smooth. The executive made shaky legislative moves; hectic management, including internal strife between Trump’s family and advisers. His administration also faced embarrassing fallout, no doubt, and the shortest tenure of a national security adviser in history. Trump’s presidency still faces numerous unfilled key positions.

Trump, at 70, has a successive lifetime of knowledge in the real estate business. However, his business experience does not carry much weight as the presidency. The government is not a business. Trump, like former President Herbert Hoover, a wealthy mine engineer with outstanding business experience, failed to mitigate the greatest challenge at the time. The Great Depression in the 1930’s. Trump has also been a little bit edgy from the start. Always defending his actions blaming, attacking, and mudslinging anyone who discredits his efforts through his twitter handle. At this point, it couldn’t get any worse with Trump as President of the free world.