Republican vs Democratic Parties

The Democratic Party is a political party in America, alongside the Republican Party. Democratic-Republican Party was established in 1828 by Andrew Jackson. The founding fathers of America’s Democracy include Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. The party is arguably the oldest, dynamic political party. The Democrats' governing principal was economic liberalism and social conservatives’, particularly in the countryside, where populism was rife. Since the 1930s, Liberals have held up social-liberalism in support of social justices. The Republican Party (GOP) is also a major political party in the United States. The party’s roots hail from the dominant republicanism during the American Revolution.GOP was established by anti-slavery abolitionists, ex-free soilers, and ex-Whigs in 1854.


  • The Republican Party's ideology is conservatism, which contrasts with the Democrats' progressive modern liberalism.
  • The GOP involves support for capitalism, fiscal conservatism, free enterprise, and national defence, deregulation, and labour unions restrictions while the Democratic Party is composed of progressives and centrists, with modern liberalism, the party advocates’ economic and social equality, and the welfare state.
  • The Republican Party is socially conservative and upholds traditional Judeo-Christian values based on ethics. The liberals, on the other hand, support social programs, labour unions, affordable education, universal health care, consumer protection, equal opportunity, and environmental protection.


  • Both parties force taxpayers to finance groups with agendas they do not support. Both sides won’t touch non-profit organisations and end the tax-write-off pricing for wealthy individuals, and corporations and who avoid taxes, burdening other taxpayers to make up.
  • Neither Republicans nor Democrats embrace the ending of nonprofits tax-exempt status.
  • Both parties still enjoy congressional perks it is estimated that each member of Congress cost taxpayers $2.5 annually. The cost is almost escalating to $4 million today.
  • Republicans and Democrats fear an income tax code replacement which includes income and spending taxes.

The national parties may agree on certain policies, but there is no indication of a morph into distinct philosophies, from both, at least not now.