4 Cities You Should Visit In Your Lifetime

The world is filled with beauty and rich historical sites to see. If you were to travel to each country, it would take an entire lifetime to site see, and bathe in some of the most beautiful beaches and sip coffee in remarkable romantic cities. We have outlined for you the best, most visited cities in the world.

Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy is home to ancient landmarks that date back to 241AD. Some of the most famous sites include Vatican City, Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, and the Pantheon. The Colosseum is a unique ancient landmark in Rome. The famed amphitheater had a 50,000 sitting capacity and featured fierce, bloody gladiator combats, some of which involved wild animals. The most cherished site while in Rome is the famed St Peter’s Basilica Church in the Vatican City.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Vegas, as is commonly referred to by the locals is a haven of extravagance glittering in the desert. Vegas' seduction is matchless. The city is filled with amazing strip dazzle, excitement, endless entertainment, fame, and fortune. The city that never goes to sleep also offers stunning scenic beauty surrounding the meadows, cosmic canyons and magnificent mountains and alpine forests. Vegas is a tale of beauty and an escapist city for those looking for pure fun and fantasy.

Paris, France

Paris is timeless, sophisticated, and home to vibrant, chic boutiques, architecture, a variety of world cuisines and beautiful art. Paris’ dwellers relish their city for its cuisine. Food preparation and presentation is a form of art in this famous French city. They have some of the best pastries, boulangerie, fromageries, and vibrant street markets. Iconic architecture includes the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe on Paris’ most glam boulevard, the Champs-Élysées. Grand features include the Gargoyle Notre Dame Cathedral and the Mur végétal.If you are looking for romance and glamour, this is the place to be.

Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem is an ancient city that dates back to when the Roman Empire ruled the world. It is also home to three cultural conflicted sects, all claiming it their “Holy Land.” It is a sacred place to the Jews, the City of David, home to Solomon’s Temple, and capital of Israel. Christians identify with Jerusalem as where Jesus spent his last supper and suffered the crucifixion, his glorious resurrection, and ascension to heaven. The Muslims, believe that Prophet Muhammad’s ascent to heaven took place in Jerusalem. Besides the deep religious conflicted history, Jerusalem receives scores of pilgrims each year seeking spiritual guidance and reconciliation with their maker. It is a world wonder for most spiritual seekers.

These cities are rich in culture, art, glamour, and fantastic entertainment spots. Try them out before any other, and you won’t be disappointed.