Booth Facility

The exhibition hall will be divided into various booth sizes. Exhibitors are allowed to layout their booths. Facilities provided are with the following details:

  1. Standard partition: white aluminum frames
  2. Lettering Name Company: Styrofoam name plate in standard white font
  3. One set of table
  4. Two sets of chair
  5. MCB 2 Ampere (440 Watt) and electricity plug
  6. One set of 40 Watt TL lamp
  7. Carpets
  8. Three levels book shelves
  9. Participant ID Cards (2 cards)
  10. Company profiles included in Consal 2012 Guidance Book


Registration Terms and Condition

  1. Exhibitors who have confirmed their booth number is required to fill out the application form and return it to the committee
  2. Exhibitors may apply to the Committee's secretariat for any available booth
  3. Booth allocation application is valid after the deposit payment is made by the Exhibitors as required by the Committee
  4. Booth and other equipments can not be transferred to other parties.


Booth Price

Size of 3 meters x 2,5 meters = Rp. 10,000,000.- or USD 1,500.-


Booth Payment Terms and Conditions

  1. All the Committee�s charges are exclusive of any applicable VAT and other taxes
  2. Exhibitors who apply for booth must make a deposit payment of 50% of the total cost of the booth allocated no later than two weeks after the date of application
  3. If Exhibitor does not make any deposit payment until the due date, Committee may reallocate the booth to other Company without any liability to the Exhibitor
  4. Exhibitors shall pay the total cost of the booth allocated by 30 April 2012
  5. The Committee shall have the right to refuse to permit the Exhibitor to occupy or use the booth until all sums due to the Committee from the Exhibitor have been paid. Deposit payment shall not be refundable
  6. Payments shall be made in cash or by bank transfer to:
    1. For Indonesian Rupiah
      Bank Name: Bank BRI Cabang Jakarta Krekot
      Account No: 0261-01-000811-30-8
      Owner�s Name: Panitia CONSAL
    2. For US Dollar currency
      Bank Name: BRI Bank Jakarta Krekot Branch
      Account No: 0261-02-000071-30-2
      Owner�s Name: Committee Consal

Notes :

  1. Transfer receipt shall be fax to CONSAL XV Committee attn Exhibition team (see application form).
  2. Payment by checks or deposits is considered valid if it is available for withdrawal on the due date.



  1. The Committee have the right to cancel the permission for the Exhibitor to occupy or use the booth until the deposit and/or the total payment have been paid
  2. All payments are not refundable for cancellation received after 30 April 2012
  3. In the status of force majeure which can affect or halt the exhibition such as natural disasters, strikes, riot, currency changes by government that can affect goods and services distributions and other regulations beyond Committee's authority, either the Committee or Exhibitor is not subject for compensation.


Security and Code of  Conduct

  1. Exhibitors are expected to take part in securing their own belongings and keeping the area clean. Hence, Exhibitors� officials shall come 30 minutes in advance
  2. Exhibitors will receive 2 (two) name plates for each booth which must be used during the exhibition
  3. Exhibitors� name plate is not allowed to be used outside the exhibition area
  4. Exhibitors are not allowed to display any products contrary to any regulations applied in Indonesia
  5. Exhibitors are not allowed to occupy space outside allocated
  6. Exhibitors are not allowed to put on any banners, posters, plotters and other promotion media outside allocated space otherwise there is agreement
  7. Exhibitors are not allowed to put any posters, stickers, book covers and other promotion media outside the allocated space
  8. Exhibitors are not allowed to use or operate any sound systems and audio visual equipments that can disturb and annoy adjacent exhibitors and their patrons
  9. No Exhibitors shall do any activities potential of harming the location
  10. Committee are not responsible for any loss, fire and damage occurs due to Exhibitors� carelessness
  11. For additional events, Exhibitors must make coordination with the Committee in advance.