Hillary Rodham Clinton and her political power

Hillary Clinton will be best remembered for her role as First Lady and the bold move to vie for the US presidential bid last November. Hillary was born on Oct 26, 1947. She grew up in Park Ridge, Illinois, Chicago. Hillary studied law and quickly grew to the echelons of power when she met, married, and became a principal advisor to Husband, and politician Bill Clinton. In 1992, she became America’s first lady by her husband’s presidential election win. The Clinton’s stayed in power for two successive terms in the oval office (1992-1998).As the first lady; Clinton dealt with her passion, healthcare, and children’s welfare.

In 2000, Hillary won a US Senate seat on a democratic ticket. She was also a historical figure too with the elective post as a former first Lady. Eight years later, in 2008, Clinton set her goals higher by attempting to run for the high office on a Democratic presidential bid. She lost the bid and was instead offered a position as Secretary of State by the then President Barrack Obama, in January 2009.

Hillary’s father was a huge influence in her political life. She volunteered for Barry Goldwater’s Arizona Senatorial Campaign bid in 1964. Hillary also engaged in student politics while attending Wellesley College in 1965.She also attended Yale Law School (1970-1973) and served on the boards of Social Action and the Yale Law Review.

Her legal career span from a child’s rights advocator while working at the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, Arkansas. As the New York Senator (2000-2009), Clinton helped with securing $21 billion for the refurbishment of the World Trade Center after the heart-wrenching September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. She blew hot and cold in the war against the Arab states and later retracted her support of the US war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

As secretary of state (2009-2013), Hillary strongly advocated for women’s and human rights. She contested in the 2016 Presidential bid against Bill Sanders and overwhelmingly won on a democratic ticket. Her victory was cut short by a shocking turn of events when the Electoral College vote swung for the current President Donald Trump. After losing amid huge controversy, Clinton has taken a back seat from active politics. Did her candle burn out? We hope to see her rise again soon.